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Alamance County Veterans

The Veterans need our help

Veterans can face a variety of challenges after serving in the military, including:

Physical injuries and disabilities

Mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety

Adjustment to civilian life and reintegrating into society

Financial difficulties and managing the cost of living


Substance abuse and addiction

Alcovets is here to help. 

Our Mission:

Providing outreach and hosting events to educate the public on the needs of veterans and to honor the veterans of Alamance County. We strive to fight for those who fought for us.

Thank You!

The Register of Deeds of Alamance County, NC is excited to announce a new program to show Veterans  appreciation for their serving our country and protecting our freedom. The program will allow Veterans to receive incentives or discounts from our local, participating merchants.

Contact Us

301-24 NW Court Square Graham NC 27253


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