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These testimonials serve as a testament to the impact of our programs and the commitment we have to those who have served our country. Take a moment to read through these inspiring messages and witness firsthand the difference we're making in the lives of our veterans.


We would like to thank you for helping my father who is 92 years old and a korean vet who needed a ramp to make his life easier going in and out of home. ALCOVETS found one and installed it and did a great job.

Thanks for all

John M

My husband, Ray K., a Marine Corp Veteran, was injured in a horrific accident in June of 2021. It was a nightmare. He spent 267 days in Duke Hospital and 8 weeks at Liberty Rehab Facility. We were and still are very blessed to have support in our community and Alcovets was a big part of that support. They assisted in providing donations of supplies to make our bathroom wheelchair accessible. That included removing our existing bathtub and creating a shower that would accommodate a wheelchair. They were also able to donate a wheelchair for home use. You never hope to need this kind of support but we certainly were thankful that Alcovets was there for us! Thank you!!


​“I am a disabled vet in a wheelchair. ALCOVETS helped me by replacing the carpet in my living room with laminate flooring making it extremely easier for me to get around in my wheelchair. 

Richard T.


​Hello Friends,

Writing to thank you for all for the generous donation of the handicap van.  I has really been a blessing to Ann and I. We definitely will make good use of the van in the future. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I hope this coming year will be a blessing to you and your organization.

-Berrie & Ann K.”


Thank you ALCOVETS for the support you have given my family and I! As a full time student at Alamance Community College money is always a worry. Your contribution to our family has made our Christmas that much better this year. The Dreher family will always have each other and that is everything to us. However the gifts from ALCOVETS have given my kids much more enjoyment. The smiles on their faces bring my wife and I so much happiness and that is the gill ALCOVETS have given us. We are so grateful for the support ALCOvets has given our family. Thank you so much ALCOVETS!

- The Dreher Family

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