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What is Chesnut Ridge?

Chesnut Ridge is property that will be a combination retreat facility and counseling center. The vision for this facility is to offer a safe haven for a veteran to visit or call any day of the week. Potentially, it would offer overnight accommodations, a variety of activities (indoor and outdoor), and counseling, as required.

Pete Chesnut Dono 2.jpg
Pete Chesnut Dono 1.jpg

July 16, 2021

Donation of land on Bass Mountain by Artie “Pete” Benjamin Chesnut III

Groundbreaking ceremony

October 9th 2021

CR GroundBreaking 2.jpg
CR GroundBreaking 3.jpg
CR GroundBreaking 1.jpg

Sept 2022

Well drilled

[Picture here]

[Picture here]

July 2023

Eagle Scout Picnic Shelter Built

Wellhouse Construction and Flagpole Installed

image000000 2.JPG
Wellhouse and Flagpole 1.jpg
Wellhose Construction 1.jpg

Construction Continues!

Want to help support ALCOVETS in making this vision a reality?

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