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Community Outreach Events

We believe community spirit and support for our veterans go hand in hand. At ALCOVETS, we're all about bringing people together to have a great time while shining a light on the issues our veterans face. From fun-filled festivals to cheering on our local baseball team during Veterans nights to watching the skies light up at our hot air balloon festivals, there's something for everyone. These events aren't just about raising awareness – they're about creating connections and celebrating what makes our community special. So come join us as we honor our veterans, share stories, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

The Alamance County Balloon Festival is back! ALCOVETS is hosting this event to raise funds to support our local veterans and fund the building of the Chesnut Ridge Retreat campus. We hope you will support this worthy cause by volunteering, participating as a vendor, purchasing tickets for employees, sponsoring the event, or attending with your family. We welcome other nonprofits and community agencies who would like to help participate as a fundraising opportunity for their organization. We hope to make the Balloon Festival a truly unforgettable event, one that has a tremendous impact on the wellbeing of the citizens of Alamance County and surrounding locations.

The festival features hot air balloon exhibition, mass ascensions, tethered rides and evening balloon glows in addition to live entertainment, a kids’ zone, craft vendors, and car show. We look forward to seeing everyone and appreciate everyone supporting our local veterans.


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Burlington Sock Puppets
Veterans Night

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Our local baseball team, the Burlington Sock Puppets, honors veterans as part of its 4th of July game. You can expect and action packed night, with large spectacles (in 2023, we had a helicopter landing!) and tons of energy as we root for our team. We end the night with a firework show. The sock puppet love Veterans and we love them right back. Come join us for this year's game!

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Veterans Day Festival

Immediately following the Veterans Day parade, Alcovets  hosts a festival in honor of our veterans. Join us for live music, check out military vehicles, visit a bunch of local vendors!  

Food and Craft Vendors
Live Entertainment
Military Vehicles
Gun Raffle Draw

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Dock Dogs is a competitive event showcasing dog agility through various jumping competitions! This event also features training demos, handler demos, children's rides, craft vendors, raffle, live entertainment and more! Funds raised from these activities go towards ALCOVETS and supporting local Veterans.

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