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Alamance County Veterans

About Alcovets

ALCOVETS is a dedicated non-profit organization passionately committed to providing unwavering support and assistance to the esteemed veterans of Alamance County. With a profound understanding that the challenges faced by our brave servicemen and women extend far beyond the battlefield, we stand as a beacon of hope and solidarity in their journey towards reintegration into civilian life.

At ALCOVETS, we firmly believe that the sacrifices made by our veterans deserve the utmost recognition and gratitude, which is why we tirelessly strive to ensure that no veteran feels isolated or forgotten. Whether it's connecting veterans with vital services, advocating for their rights, or simply listening to and sharing their struggles, ALCOVETS is dedicated to being a steadfast ally and advocate for Alamance County's veterans.

The Veterans need our help

Veterans can face a variety of challenges after serving in the military, including:

Physical injuries and disabilities

Mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety

Adjustment to civilian life and reintegrating into society

Financial difficulties and managing the cost of living


Substance abuse and addiction


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